Permalink to the latest version of a report?


We’ve got a monthly scan report that re-runs once a month to generate the latest results for a few systems teams in CSV.

Currently, we have to go in and download them all, and organize them into Microsoft Teams folders and share them out that way. I’d like to instead just link the teams to the report in R7 console and have them login and download. But I don’t want to have to go copy and paste the latest links every month :sunglasses:

Is there any way I can just have a link that automagically resolves / points to the latest version of a report?

Currently, When I copy the link to a given report, it is statically linked to the exact version. If i shared that with the teams, it’d only be a valid link for that month. Example:

It seems like “0004873C” changes each time I run the report, so that is appears to be the “version” part of the URL.

Any ideas are appreciated here!

I see in my reports there is a “distribution” that allows me to send it to a custom email address that I have sending to a team channel. there is also a “report file storage” I am wondering if you could use that to output to a sharepoint/one drive you have linked to a team channel.

is helpful? this would be the actual report and not a link/url.

Maybe you can create a power-automate app to solve this? I presume you have access to that since you are using teams. It should be relatively straight forward to, for example:

  1. send the reports to yourself
  2. create a powerautomate app which triggers on a new email to a specific folder in your inbox (you can of course create a filter in outlook which puts emails from the console into a specific folder)
  3. Create a new file in the respective team folder, with the contents set to the email attachments content

Thanks for the replies so far!

I should have mentioned I want to avoid using email; we have our console cloud hosted so I don’t want the CSVs flying across the internet in plaintext :slightly_smiling_face:

I did find that the API has a very simple call to return the latest version of a report:


where {id} is the config ID of the report.

If I was a API wizard, I suppose I could rig up some kind of automation sitting in Teams or on a server that pulled this stuff down and sorted it to the right folders.

But I still wish there was just a static link I could point the teams to :thinking: they all have Rapid7 accounts so that’s the path of least resistance.

can you use a “web hooks” I am pretty sure IDR alerts allow this to teams.