O365 Trigger Options & Emails w/ Attachments

Simple test workflow - two workflow steps

  1. O365 plugin - trigger email added to folder
  2. Teams plugin - trigger html message

When an email is added to a folder, manually, or by Outlook rule, emails are detected in specified folder and notification is sent to the configured teams channel - great

However - if that email contains an attachment (.msg), and is added to a monitored folder, manually or via an Outlook rule, the first trigger (1) does not detect a new email has been added to the watch folder… so no job starts… to then ultimately notify teams.

In testing, other word, pdf or eml or the like attachments work as expected. Are there limitations with certain file attachments?

This is the most basic example i could think of… utilizing the two plugins… is there a possible issue with the backend API? Or am I missing something simple here… ?

That’s interesting. We’ll have to look further into it.

I suspect it’s something to do with those attachment types, but that’s just a suspicion at this point. Microsoft does strange things on the back end with attachments it recognizes (like .msg).

I’m going to file a ticket on this one and do some research on it.

Just to confirm…you’re using the “Folder Modified” trigger right?

Reads, “email added to folder.”

The other option reads, “received mail” or something of the like…

Thanks, that’s what I needed. The friendly names are slightly different than what we see in the code sometimes. Ok, let us do some digging and we’ll get back to you.