Nov's 30th update.. Long site load times

Long site load time, over 5mins

Not seeing issues in Vuln, or asset. just with Sites


I’m not seeing this, are you just listing the Sites or opening a specific Site?
Both load for me quickly

Asset Groups and Risk Graph load correctly but Sites and Scans are in “continual” loading and all scans have failed that were in progress. We bounced our on-prem box with no effect.

Hoping to see something from Support.

Ok, so im not the only one with the Site & scans loading just spinning its wheels.

Hi folks, sorry for the issues encountered today! There have indeed been customer reported issues after updating to our 6.6.170 release.

  • Some consoles on PostgreSQL 9.x are unable to complete scan integrations.
  • Some consoles on PostgreSQL 11.x are unable to load sites and current scan tables.
  • Some consoles are unable to run reports when templates include exclusions.

Our Engineering team is currently working on a hotfix for all of these issues which will be released today.

Thanks for “Divine Insight” love the title by the way… just wondering is there a portal or something that list known issues?

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I submitted a case, and the engineering team gave me a workaround, but it may not apply to your instance, so I would submit a case at least to see if they can guide you. I am back in a working state at least while they work the issue and can scan my assets again.

Thank you :blush: :sunny:

Depending on the circumstances, there are a couple of places we may list known issues.

  • When you log into our customer support portal to open a case, our teams will indicate known issues as an announcement banner on the portal page when they are seeing a high volume of requests around the same topic.
  • When a cloud feature is degraded, in maintenance or otherwise unavailable, we will indicate these events on You can sign up for email alerts here and customize which products you’d like to be notified for.

As @jjames.davis noted, when in doubt, our support team may be able to provide more clarity if a trend is still developing or if a known workaround is available. I hope this helps!

I just wanted to update you all that the hotfix for these issues, 6.6.171 has been released.


Has anyone successfully deployed the hotfix? Is a reboot required? Thanks!

I just applied and a restart was required

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We have the hotfix and have restarted our console but are still not able to list the affected assets for any CVE. It stays loading until we get kicked out for being idle.

I am still seeing this issue on our Nexpose console even after the hot fix has been applied. Slow load times and completed scans don’t show any completed assets.

@grellb_grellb @sroland – We have identified a few more edge cases that the hotfix did not address and our engineering team is working through them. I will post an update here as soon as I hear back on an updated release.

Appreciate the patience here and we are committed to getting you all back up and running ASAP!

“Sites” load time is ~ 1 to 2 minutes. Individual site load time ~ 1-3 minutes. I have not installed the Hotfix but will do so soon after our review. We will be looking at server metrics and usage also. Please continue to update.

Any updates on another hotfix? Since the update to 6.6.171 I’m seeing a lot of my larger scan jobs fail to integrate results and go into a paused state with an error that the system does not have enough memory. Is anyone seeing this issue?

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After install of 6.6.172 our load times have greatly improved to what we consider “normal”.

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Overall the console seems faster after 6.6.172 but the Affects asset list still does not load when we click on any vulnerability.

I’m still seeing really long times for scan jobs to complete “Integrating”. An example would be I have a scan job that runs on Monday morning on all of our Windows Servers (1400 hosts). The scan starts at 8am and usually completes and is integrated by 10 or 10:30 at the latest. since the 6.6.170 update I’m seeing the integration take more that 12 hours to complete if it ever does complete on the same job and other large jobs are showing the same behavior. Is anyone else seeing this issue after updating to 6.6.170 and doing the Postgres update?

We had the same issue through 6.6.171. Support gave us a command to run (and I assume roll back whatever change they made in 6.6.170). This has fixed our long load times and scan integrating issues while they devise a permanent solution.