New Trigger Reading Single Inbox Not Reading Custom Folder

We found out that having 10+ workflows all using a single mailbox as a trigger ran the docker service into 600% cpu so I want to use a single workflow to read the mailbox’s new custom folder named “automation” so I did not use a subject query in the plugin.

I am using outlook rules to move certain emails to the new automation folder.

problem is ICON is still only reading the Inbox folder instead and not the automation folder.

still not working after trying the New Email Added to the custom folder either…

Are you trying to hit a subfolder? If so, that won’t work. Things like “Inbox / Automation” aren’t allowed.

There was a way to make that work that was a little trickier, but MS changed the way outlook online works and we’re trying to figure out how to get some information out of it. (You can get to subfolders if you have the GUID, but it’s not easy to get to anymore).

thanks Microsoft!.. I feel like im doing something wrong here but the automation folder should be a folder outside of inbox.

I use OWA vs. the app

Does this help at all?



Are you using a small “a” in Automation?

yes, automation

So that permissions screen is news to me. I don’t think that’s an issue, but I’m not sure yet. Let us do some digging on our side to rule that out.

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you find anything out about reading from Inbox > automation email folders? Still getting that error.

Hello Hayden! We created a ticket and are going to spend sometime investigating this further.