NEW Cancel Job API with Python script is now available!

Now you can cancel jobs via API! This endpoint will take in a JobID and cancel the specified job. Use this endpoint for easy troubleshooting or while developing and testing workflows in InsightConnect.

Cancel All Running Jobs Associated with a Workflow. This script uses the Get All Jobs API to grab all running jobs associated to a workflowID. It then iterates over the list of jobs and cancels them using the cancel jobs endpoint.

import requests, json, re, math
from argparse import ArgumentParser, ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter
import maskpass

# extractJobIds returns total number of jobs and extracts all the jobIds from the GetAllJobs response to use in the 
#  CancelJob endpoint
def extractJobIds(body, checkMeta):
	ids = []
	total = 0
	for _, data in body.items():
		# Check the meta for number of jobs returned from Get All Jobs
		if checkMeta:
			meta = data["meta"]
			if meta["total"] == 0:
				print("You have no running/waiting jobs to cancel. Exiting...")
				total = meta["total"]
		jobs = data["jobs"]

	for i in range(len(jobs)):
		for key in jobs[i]:
			if key == "id":
	return total, ids

def main():
	# Parse command line arguments
	parser = ArgumentParser(formatter_class=ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter)
	required = parser.add_argument_group('required arguments')
	required.add_argument("-i", "--id", help="The id of the workflow wanted to export", required=True)

	args = vars(parser.parse_args())

	# Set up User API key
	userKey = maskpass.askpass(prompt="X-API-KEY:", mask="*")
	headers = {'X-API-KEY': userKey}

	# Build URL
	workflowId = args["id"]
	regionInput = input("What region?\n1) eu\n2) us\n3) ap\n4) ca\n5) au\n6) us2\n7) us3\nEnter a number 1-7: ")
	if regionInput == "1":
		region = "eu"
	elif regionInput == "2":
		region = "us"
	elif regionInput == "3":
		region = "ap"
	elif regionInput == "4":
		region = "ca"
	elif regionInput == "5":
		region = "au"
	elif regionInput == "6":
		region = "us2"
	elif regionInput == "7":
		region = "us3"
		print("A region must be provided. Please try again.")

	numOfJobsCanceled = 0
	failedCanceledJobs = []

	getAllJobsUrl = "https://{0}{1}&status=running&status=waiting".format(region, workflowId)
	r = requests.get(getAllJobsUrl, headers=headers)
	print("Print the url to check the URL has been correctly encoded or not!")
	print("URL: ", r.url)
	print("Status Code: ", r.status_code)

	body = r.json()
	getAllJobsResponse = json.dumps(body, indent=4, ensure_ascii=False)

	# Bail out if Get All Jobs returns anything besides a 200
	if r.status_code != 200:

	total, jobIds = extractJobIds(body, True)

	response = input("Do you want to cancel all {0} running/waiting jobs related to worfklowId: {1}?\n Y or N? ".format(total, workflowId)).upper()
	if response == "Y":
		# Call GetAllJobs X number of times to get the next set of 30 jobs
		#  30 is the limit of jobs returned
		times = math.ceil(total / 30)
		for i in range(1, times):
			getAllJobsUrl = "https://{0}{1}&status=running&status=waiting&offset=30".format(region, workflowId)
			r = requests.get(getAllJobsUrl, headers=headers)
			body = r.json()
			jobIds.extend(extractJobIds(body, False))

		print("\nStarting to cancel " + str(len(jobIds)) + " jobs...\n")

		# Loop through each jobId to cancel the associated job
		for jobId in jobIds:
			cancelJobUrl = "https://{0}{1}/events/cancel".format(region, jobId)
			r =, headers=headers)

			body = r.json()
			cancelJobResponse = json.dumps(body, indent=4, ensure_ascii=False)

			if r.status_code == 200:
				numOfJobsCanceled += 1

		print("Number of jobs successfully canceled: " + str(numOfJobsCanceled))

		if len(failedCanceledJobs) > 0:
				print("Failed to cancel " + str(len(failedCanceledJobs)) + " jobs.\n Failed jobIds: " + str(failedCanceledJobs))