Microsoft SQL install not being detected by agent on template credential scan

Hi all, I have a support call in with R7 but wanted to check if anybody else has this issue. Basically have SQL servers installed but not on c:\ but on d:. Software installed in R7 is not showing any SQL install on the servers and no vulnerabilities either and we know there must be some. Tested with a default install to c:\ drive and reports installed ok. I have a support call out but no fix as yet, just wondering if others have had this for non default installs?

There’s the potential that this is a permissions issue with the account you’re using for scans. In other words, it may have adequate access to be able to scan one drive, but not the other.

That’s just an initial thought, though. If you’ve chatted with support, I’d be interested to hear what their thoughts were. They should be able to get a better understanding by looking at scan data and other info on your console.

Hi Holly, thanks for the response, so far still not resolved but R7 support has passed to engineering as it seems to be a known issue with the way Rapid 7 scans and then applies a rating as part of the finger print process. As we have installed SQL on the D:\ R7 is not expecting to see it installed there so is ignoring it on the scans and I am assuming the entry in registry, in fact it is not even looking at the drive. Our few SQL installs in the c:\ drive it is finding and reporting on no problem. Real issue for us as we have installed mainly on the d:\ drive on servers.