Loooong startup times after an update

Is it common / expected for InsightVM to take quite some time to start the console after an update? For instance, today I performed a product update manually (content updates we do automatically), and it took somewhere around 2 hours to finish up. A lot of that time was just startup. Watching logs, it seems like it takes forever to go through all the policies.

Is that normal? I’m testing something and will be going back to a 1am auto-update schedule but I want to make sure nothing is “up” even though I don’t see errors in my logs.

Yup thats normal.

Ours takes about 30-40 mins, but can really depend on hardware speed ( and database optimistion we’ve found)

It’s still painful :wink:

Is there a way to watch the logs while an update is being installed. What I find most disconcerting when doing console updates is that there doesn’t seem to be a good way to track the progress. Right now I just click update and assume it will finish at some point.

If I run update now from the command tool does that give some sort of indication of the progress of the update? Is there a good way to monitor the status of the update while it is running? The last time I told the console to update it never ended up running so I’m a little concerned for the next time I try to update.