Large Scale Deployment of Scan Agent?

Has anyone deployed the scan agent on large scale (1000+ end points)? I’d love to use the scan agents to move away from the scan-credentials, but I am cautious about how the scan agents having an adverse impact on the end points.

We are in the middle of deploying Insight Agents to roughly 1700 endpoints consisting of workstations and servers. We just crossed the 1000 device threshold and have not observed or received any reports of adverse effects on the endpoints so far. If you are running compliance policy scans, remember that this function is not currently supported on the agent (on the roadmap) so you will still need credentialed scans to perform those assessments.

Hope this helps.

I appreciate the information!

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Same from our experience in very large customer deployments. The only thing you have to watch for is the footprint of the agent. While it is on itself lightweight in execution, it can increase in storage usage over time. This is a lesser documented part of the agent but can range from a few mb to a few gb, depending on the data collection interval.