JSON list in Global Artifact?

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to have a Global Artifact used in this way :

  • A JSON list put in a global artifact. Such as :
  • I want to search for a specific key and get the corresponding value
  • Return the value in the workflow to be used in a mailto component.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @robin_fritig1,

This sounds like exactly what you would use a Global Artifact for. Is each entry in your list an object or just a single value?

Each Global Artifact is a list so you just need to match your schema to what each entry of the list would look like and then you can either manually add entries or add them via a workflow and you can also look up values for these keys as a part of your workflow.

Thanks so much for the question. This is really interesting feedback for us as well. To follow up on what Tyler mentioned, can I ask if you noticed the “Object” option when looking at setting up a global artifact, and if it made sense at that time?

Any ideas for what we could call it there that might be closer to your expectations?