InsightVM update in May

Our InsightVm auto updated last night and now we cannot get to the home page, asset page or vulnerabilities page. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Are you using a signed cert for the console?

I am seeing this issue as well. Is a signed cert necessary now? We are just using a self-signed cert.

A signed cert is necessary so that your browser doesn’t throw an issue about an untrusted site. So the issue doesn’t exactly lie with InsightVM and it’s more the fact that your browser is not letting you redirect to that untrusted site. If you open a new tab in your browser and navigate directly to the console URL you will most likely get a security warning that you need to accept (because you don’t have a signed cert). Once you accept that, it will go directly to the console page (don’t login here). Just close that console page and go back to your platform page and refresh. After that you should be able to continue using the tool as normal.

I understand that and have done that in the past. After this last update, I am getting 500 errors when the page loads.

oh that might be something else. Do you only get the 500 errors when being forwarded from the platform or do you also get the 500 error when navigating directly to the URL?

if you get 500 errors for each try both the IP and the FQDN. If neither work then you might want to double check that the service is running on the VM and possibly give it a reboot.