InsightVM Console, Reports hangs

i have problems with my Reports at the insightvm console.
What can i do, if the reports hangs?

Thanks for your help.
Regards Pascal

This is most likely a memory issue. It is best practice to not not run multiple reports at the same time or when performing other actions like scanning.

You can doa. console run command and type in “show database activity” which may give you more insight to the current status of the reports as well as doing a “show mem” to see the statistics of your current memory usage.

If those reports are scoped to a large subset of assets or just large data in general it can very well lock up the memory if you have not allocated enough resources to the console. While the reports are running they write everything to memory until they finish at which time they start writing to disk.

If you cannot schedule the reports to run at different intervals then your only other options would be to increase/free up resources either by adding more memory to the console and/or using distributed scan engines to perform the scanning so that the console can be used solely as the database and web server.

Thanks for your help John. i’am going to watch over this, maybe it’s a memory issue.