InsightConnect Workflow Repository and Usage

Welcome! If you were hoping to contribute workflows to the InsightConnect Workflow Repository and the Rapid7 Extension Library, you’ve come to the right place! By following the steps below, you can make contributions to the InsightConnect Workflow Repository. The contribution will automatically be populated in the Rapid7 Extension Library once the workflow has been merged into master of the workflow repository. Building a well thought out workflow takes time and dedication and is worth every minute spent optimizing and testing.

How to Contribute

  1. Fork the InsightConnect Workflow repository to your own Github account
  2. Clone that forked repository to your local environment
  3. Develop the workflow within InsightConnect
  4. Export the completed workflow and commit all changes to the Github repository
  5. Follow the guide below that details what is needed for a valid workflow
  6. Create a pull request from the fork. Additional information here

Once the Pull Request has been reviewed and approved it will be merged and visible on the Hub!

To get started creating a workflow you’ll need

  • Access to InsightConnect to build the workflows
  • Git installed on your local development environment for making changes to your forked repository.

Exporting the Workflow for Contribution

While you are getting familiar with how to contribute, you will ultimately want to design the workflow in InsightConnect and export the workflow so you can commit it to the forked repository you’re working from. To do so head over, login and start building the workflow. If you would like more information on workflows check out Workflows 101.

Once you have a complete workflow in InsightConnect and it’s ready for export, just activate the workflow, then move to the Active workflow view. From there locate your newly activated workflow, click on the context menu that is the three dots and select Export Active.

This should provide you with a .icon file that is the contents of your workflow ready to be added to the repository.

Additional Resources