InsightConnect Plugin & Workflow Newsletter - August 10, 2020


:tada: New Releases :tada:

Name Version Details
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 1.0.0 Initial plugin

:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
Microsoft Windows Defender ATP 4.3.0 Add new action Get Machine Vulnerabilities
Microsoft Teams 2.2.0 Extract and return command security and network indicators in the New Message Received trigger
Basename 1.1.0 Add missing title in action Basename
Microsoft Office 365 ATP Safe Links 1.1.2 Update to use the insightconnect-python-3-38-slim-plugin:4 Docker image
Type Converter 1.5.2 Rewrite plugin in Python 3
Gmail 6.0.2 Fix issue where all headers were not returned if headers were poorly formatted


:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
Block Host with Check Point Firewall from Microsoft Teams 1.0.3 Update Acknowledge Request step's message to mention Check Point
Block Host with Fortinet Firewall from Microsoft Teams 1.1.0 Update workflow to handle block requests for address that already exists