Insight Network Sensor Connections

Do the network sensors support multiple interfaces for traffic capture? Couldn’t find anything around this in the documentation.

The devices that act as our “core” switches are in a HA pair, if we wanted to capture traffic from both devices in the event of a failover, could we have two physical connections going from the pair to the network sensor device?

Or am I thinking about this wrong?

A sensor can only be configured with a single capture interface. What you could do is install ESX as a base on the host device. Then run two virtual sensors. Each sensor can have its own connection back to the HA pair.

Actually I think if you have a management switch, you should be able to pipe both span or mirror ports into the management switch and pick up multiple sources via a single interface, or redirect those sources to appropriate interfaces. a packet broker would help here too. depends on your hardware and budget of course!