How to filter Asset that either contains OS or contains Hostname?

Hi All, I’m new to Rapid7, currently working on the filter of a dynamic asset group and want to list all the ip addresses that attached to a valid assest.

in the screen shot below, if only the filter 1 is added, the asset number shows “254”, all ip addresses are treated as a asset, most of them are not connected to a device.

If the filters 1 and 2 are added, the ip address that asset name is empty will be excluded.
If the filters 1 and 3 are added, the ip address that OS is empty will be excluded.

If I change to match “Any”, the other subnet(e.g. will be included in the list.

What I want is filter 1 and (filter 2 or filter 2), how can I achive this result?

Thanks a lot


It would be ugly, but you could create two Asset Groups.
The first would be the OR for 2 & 3
The second would be an AND of the fist group and 1

Thank you very much! Brandon.

We have 20+ subnets/offices (non-consecutive), we would like to exclude all of the IP phones.

Could you kindly share some ideas how we could organize the the sites/device types/assets?

Really appreciate your suggestion.