How to append/add assets to existing group?

I’m trying to add additional assets to an existing static asset group. But when I edit the group and go to select assets, there is no way to add additional assets in an append manner. Instead, it offers me a way to filter/search for against all known assets and I can only replace all existing assets in group. Am I missing something?

The existence in a static asset group is more or less a one time thing so there is no concept of appending assets to it. That’s more of a tag type logic where you can manually tag assets to continually append assets into the ownership of a tag.

Basically what you’re going through in that filter/search is saying that the criteria needs to be met every time to update the asset group. However, you could essentially get the same result by specifying IP or host-name info as the search criteria and have the “match-any” operator. Every time you have a new asset just add another search row.