How Do You Upload CSV Files To SNOW

upload csv to snow

should MIME TYPE by just csv?

right now it uploads a file with base64 bytes and that’s it hehe

I believe the text/csv type is correct. I also believe it will upload to SNOW as an attachment to the ticket. I’m assuming this is the behavior you’re looking for? I have to admit, I don’t think I’m understanding the desired outcome.

To clarify, the csv being uploaded is a single cell with b64 bytes.

ahhhhhh, okay. Try this, run the output of the csv step through the base64 plugin’s decode step and use the output in the snow ‘bytes’ field. I think what may be happening is SNOW is expecting unencoded text with the text/csv mimetype but we’re providing it binary encoding.

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the “bytes” field would be in the servicenow create new incident (additional fields) action or in the upload csv action of the plugin?