Feature Request: Plugin Version Information

When a Plugin is updated it would be nice to see what was updated easier.

When you go to the Plugin page and it says there are x number of updates, either include what the updates are or after updating put them at the top of the list to see. Also, in the View of the Plugin if the Version History could either be its own tab or in the overview or just the most recent in the overview? something so we can know what happened without needing to scroll to the bottom of the Help tab. The Plugin & Workflow Newsletter is great, but I find that i am upgrading before this even comes out.


Hey Brandon, this is a great idea. Just to double-check if I have this right:

  • In the Plugins page, have some way of knowing what the new versions are and what needs updating. Is that so you can get a quick view of basically what’s going to happen if you hit “update all”?
  • When viewing a plugin, have a tab or easy way to see your specific version/update history. Presumably so you can see what the latest version is, perhaps what workflows are using which versions?

Plugin updates is a hot topic of late, so I’ll make sure to record this feedback. Sounds like some small improvements might make a big difference in the process.

Yes, that is what I’m looking for

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