Feature Request: Dynamic Tagging or Jobs with filter

:+1: Seeing some nice things coming out for filtering Jobs and had an idea that would be a little more involved.
Dynamic Tagging or Jobs with filter
The idea would be that as a Job is running I could have a step that would apply a Tag to it that I could filter on later.

e.g. Phishing Workflow that would get Tagged if it was Safe, Phish, or Spam based on the outcome that I could filter on all the Jobs that were determined to be a Phish.

It would also be nice if you could query this during the run to see if a Tag has been applied yet, but that would be a nice to have and not a necessity.

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Really like this idea @brandon_mcclure! Are there certain scenarios you are thinking for this where it would be the most helpful? For example, are you thinking it would help with reporting? Or perhaps you want to review jobs with certain tags?

I thought of it when Iā€™m looking back through Job runs for a specific scenario like a Phishing Workflow that was found to be a phish or one that had an attachment.
Then this could also be used in a dashboard e.g. just like the success failure but with phish vs. clean that way you could determine if your users are actually reporting suspicious emails or just forwarding every one they get to you

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Makes total sense. Thank you for adding the detail!