Feature Request: Ability to change the colors of the icons in the Workflow

I submitted a Integrations Request for this, but in case that wasn’t the right spot I’m also posting it here.

The idea would be to have the ability to change the colors of the icons in the Workflow with a key to label them.
This would be used to identify different parts of a Workflow, identifying different decision paths, or color coding plugins


I second this … !

@brandon_mcclure @john_breen can you guys talk a little bit more about this? What are you trying to identify by being able to color code different parts of the workflow builder?

I might have groups of Steps for a particular function like:

  • Get AD User
  • Disable AD User
  • Decision Step to see if Disable was successful
  • Separate Artifacts for if it was or wasn’t
  • Join to bring them back together
  • and a post to Teams with the result.

but my Workflow might be a termination Workflow that has similar groups of Steps for other systems that it removes the user from.
If I could color code these sections it would help document the Workflow and make it easy to find the Step you are looking to modify.

Another example would be if I had a decision step with more than two paths, I might make each a different color so that it would be very easy to see what path it was taking.

A third example could be to color code each of the Plugin Types, or similar Action on the same Plugin so that when i go to do a manual upgrade I know where to find each Step that needs upgrading.

I would also expect these colors to come through to the Jobs Page under the “View Full Job” and any corresponding Artifacts on both for these same reasons.

Hopefully this helps clarifies what I’m thinking