Fact_all table doesn't include all

I’m trying to schedule an export of a few metrics for consumption in other BI apps using nexpose.
I am not using insightVM.

The first few KPIs I’m trying to get are;

  1. Total number of assets
  2. Total risk score
  3. Average risk score

fall.riskscore AS “fall.riskscore”,
fall.assets AS “fall.assets”,
fact_all AS fall

The result from the above query is only assets scanned in the past 30 days, not all assets.
It also does not match up with the total assets or risk score KPIs on the nexpose home dashboard.

What table or what query can reproduce the numbers form the nexpose dashboard?

The dashboard should be lined up to that same data as in the console. Given your report is capping on assets that have been scanned in the last thirty days I would wager to say that’s because of your data retention settings.

You could try the fact_asset table instead though which holds roughly the same data.

I get the same results from the fact_asset table, only assets scanned in the last 30 days.
I don’t have any data retention settings that I’m aware of.
My Data Retention settings are set to “Retain all scan and report data”

This query returns the same number as fact_all.assets

COUNT(da.asset_id) as “COUNT(da.asset_id)”
dim_asset AS da

you might want to open a support ticket for data inconsistency on the platform if that’s what you’re seeing