Embed message within body of Canned or SQL report?

Is there a way to add or embed a message to a canned report via sql or in the email notification that has report attached to it?

What kind of message are you looking to add? As far as I know, you can’t add a message to the email since it’s just auto-generated and sent to the specified address.

I was thinking the same since it was auto generated, but I was hoping to embed a paragraph of about 5-6 lines like #comment in sql query.

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Yeah, I’ve been testing some of the reporting stuff and I don’t believe there’s a way to do it currently. The SQL report is always going to just output the results of the query, and when creating a new template there’s not really a field where you can add your own custom language for when the report goes out.

I think being able to specify a message body under “Distribution” for the report would be a good idea though, since we’re already allowing some level of configuration for the email. :+1:

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