Email InsightIDR reports to specific recipients

Hi all,

Does any know how email reports in InsightIDR works?

Are all users listed under “Settings: User Management” going to receive all schedule reports?
(If the “Email the dashboard owner the new report when it is generated” is enable that is.)

I am asking this question from an MSP perspective.

It would be great if reports could be sent to a specific mail box only and not all InsightIDR users.

Many thanks

hello, not sure about reports but in the dashboards you can generate reports and even create schedules.
is this what you mean? does this help?

Hey Krasimir,

Rapid 7 has some documentation about the scheduled reports within Insight IDR

From my understanding. You are able to create a report schedule that triggers as desired. I think the option you were thinking of “Email the dashboard owner when the new report is generated”, doesn’t actually email them a copy of the report, but rather let them know that a new report was generated and is available within the IDR platform.

From there, you can click on “Import and export archive” on the left hand side, and you’ll see the dashboard exports. You can then download the report that you’d like and send it via email.

It’s basically just a way so that you can capture regularly intervals of data in a dashboard format (i.e. see the dashboard for the last 7 days, triggering every 7 days…etc.)

Hope that makes sense