ELI5: What is JPP, and why does it give me errors even though my plugin works?

ERRO[0002] JPP: unable to apply value to string: unexpected EOF

ERRO[0002] JPP: unable to apply value to string: invalid character at position, 0; ,

^ I’m not familiar with JPP. When doing plugin development, I often see errors from it, but I don’t know how to crank up the verbosity of these errors. Whatever it is, happens after my return statement in the plugin action.

Hey @matt_domko_deprecated, this usually happens when the -j option is used with icon-plugin. If you omit it, these will go away in most cases. I believe this is a small bug where we send extra standard output to be returned along with the JSON output from the plugin but the library receives it and complains because it can’t make sense of the extra output (non-JSON formatted). We’ve been meaning to fix this, though it hasn’t slowed down or affected our plugin development so it keeps getting pushed back…thanks for upping it in the queue :slight_smile:

In sum, it’s an useless warning that can be ignored.

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