Does the powershell module work for IVM anymore?

My predecessor used Powershell to query IVM data years ago, so I just downloaded the Rapid7Nexpose modules from Github. However I can’t get powershell to run the powershell files from within the console; I have to manually copy paste code from the ps1 files into the console to get them to run. For example, the Connect-NexposeAPI commandlet will not execute.

Additionally, my credentials will not allow access. Do I need to configure a separate API username/password?

I see posts from 2021 about this topic; is there a better way to query data nowadays?

I use PowerShell to query on-prem Nexpose, but it is custom not from GitHub.
For PowerShell, check your executionpolicy.
For credentials, I use a separate API account that is limited to just what I need from the API.

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Thank you, Brandon, that is helpful.