Delete duplicate hostnames in IDR

We are new to the InsightIDR world and going through all the hostnames that has been assigned an agent. In my list in the Data Collection Management in the Agents tab, some computers are duplicated. I cannot find a way to remove the duplicate entries. The duplicate entries has different Agent IDs so I am guessing that I can remove the ones that are not on line.

Any help would be great.

There is no way for you to manually delete them from that page but after ~30 days of inactivity they will be automatically deleted from that page.

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Thank you for your help.

We’ve setup for 14 days of inactivity within the Asset Group. Every morning I start my day doing a health check and able to delete the systems listed. I know not everyone can do 14 days, but just wanted to say I make it part of my daily process.

Hey @nconyers , are you referring to deleting assets in IVM by chance?

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You’re correct. It’s IVM.