Customise Report for InsightVM


Does anyone come across the requirement for the reporting structure as the below. SInce customise CSV report template doesn’t have Last scan/Scan Finished date. Can you please help me with the below required field reporting structure as customize or Report Template.

Site Name
Asset IP Address
Asset Names
Asset OS Name
Service Name
Service Port
Service Protocol
Vulnerability ID
ulnerability Title
Vulnerability Description
Vulnerability Proof
Vulnerability CVE IDs
Vulnerability Severity Level
Vulnerability CVSSv3 Vector
Vulnerability Solution
Vulnerable Since
Vulnerability Age
Exploit Count
Vulnerability Risk Score
Vulnerability PCI Compliance Status
Vulnerability CVSSv3 Score
Asset Risk Score
Asset Owner
Last Scan/ Scan Finished

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Can anyone help us with the input?

Given that the “Basic Vulnerability Check Results” template does not provide that column, have you tried using the SQL Query export to get what you are looking for?

Yes, but getting a duplicates vulnerability irrespective to the unique hosts. Can you please share the SQL query to achieve the columns. Will be very much helpful.

Does anyone have any reference SQL to fetch the detailed report? This is an urgent and critical request.

I don’t think we have an existing query that could serve as a 1:1 match to the basic vulnerabilities checks reports. However you can explore our public Github repo here for example queries. The top level of that repo has a readme that talks about the documentation pages for the reporting data model you would need to reference to build out the query.