Coverage for CVE-2021-31854 and CVE-2022-0166?

Do we have updates on Insight Agent checks availability for CVE-2021-31854 and CVE-2022-0166?

not really seeing anything on that cve in the system

Its interesting that Rapid7 still doesn’t have checks even when it was publicly disclosed about 7 days ago.

I have opened a case with Rapid7 support for this.

keep us posted

I double checked with the team on this one, and while checks for these CVE’s do not currently exist, we have noted them and are planning to add coverage in the near future. We really appreciate the patience here as we work to get these added.

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Thanks Holly!

Got a response from Rapid7 Support that they do have an enhancement request that was filed to potentially add coverage for these two vulnerabilities and there is no ETA on when or if it will be added. The Enhancement request case is IDEA-9603.

As an alternate solution I was able to use the query builder to get the list of assets on a specific version of McAfee Agent.