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I am new to the InsightIDR solution and I was wondering if anyone was able to explain to me why the connection path for some servers are direct to the platform, while other servers’ connection path is to a collector that we have. I though that as long as the agent was installed on the servers (which it is), all connection will be directly to Rapid7.

I couldn’t find any information in the documentation or on this forum. If a post already exist, please feel free to direct me to it.

Thank you


Hi @ricardo_then,

The agent uses the “best path” approach to reach the cloud. If the collector is less hops away than the gateway, then the agent will go through the collector. If the gateway is less hops away, the agent will go through it.

I agree with you that we do not have information, I will ping our team about this and update our docs.

I hope this answer is helpful and let me know if you have additional questions.


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Hey Felipe,

Thanks for the answer! Will the collector in anyway store the data from the agents? Or is it simply just a path to send data to Rapid7. For example, if the collector looses connectivity to Rapid7, will the agents continue to go through the collector (if it still can reach it)? Or will it be smart enough to know that the collector can’t talk to Rapid7 and simply send it directly to Rapid7?

Thank you,
Ricardo Then


Sorry for the late reply.
The collector is just a pathway for the agents.
Also, if the collector suddenly loses connectivity, the agents will be smart enough to search for the best route.
The agents are constantly doing a check to get the best path.


Hey Felipe,

No worries! That’s what I though but wanted to double check. This is really useful and I appreciate the explanation.

Thank you,

Thanks for this, i experienced the same with the connection paths. Your comments were helpful.