Best way to store data inside loop

Hi, working on my first InsightConnect workflow. I am using the SQL plugin to query a database for some data that matches interesting parameters. I also have a global artifact set up to hold references to acknowledged data (results that we’ve seen before and want to tune out).

In my workflow I query the data, and then use a loop to iterate through. My intention is to add all of the results that do not match anything in my global artifact to a data structure. This data structure will get more enrichment and eventually become a report.

Artifact doesn’t seem like the best thing here. I end up with multiple artifacts (one for each iteration through the loop). I just want one. I couldn’t define it before the loop and add to it while inside the loop because I’m only allowed to use the name once.

I’m considering another global artifact that i’ll initialize at the beginning of each execution of my workflow, but that doesn’t seem ideal.

Any suggestions? thanks!!

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Loop outputs , you can concat all the results into an array


Thanks for that! I didn’t see that feature initially, but was able to get it working after a little fiddling.