AWS Sync Connection - Tag import

Hello Everyone,
It seems that it is impossible to use key: * to import the different values linked to a key from amazont tag.
Anyone know how to import a high number of value bind to a key ?

Are you looking to import all of your tags from AWS by using * as a catch-all? Or are you looking to filter them in a certain way?

To import all of my tags from AWS by using * as a catch-all.
For example : a key app with value A, B, C, D, E, F.
use app:* to import all of value instead of doing app:A + app:B + app:C + …

Gotcha, I see what you mean. Currently the import doesn’t support the use of wildcards like * for tag filtering, so you would have to list multiple values to do an exact match.

OK thanks :pensive:.
the problem is also that there is a limit that cannot be exceeded.
Anyway thanks a lot.