Automatic Decisions Process Order

I’ve always wondered what the order of operation is for determining an Automatic Decision.
I’ve learned that is is best to always keeps them binary or processing different values on the same key, but sense you can define different ones, how are they determined?
{{age}} > 18 → ‘Age is correct’
{{name}} == ‘Bob’ → ‘Name is correct’
{{age}} > 18 && {{name}} == ‘Bob’ → ‘He is our man’
→ ‘Not our man’

What one would get triggered? The first one it hits or none?
One thing that I wish the decision step had during the run was a visual representation for why the logic processed, I often create an Artifact for this before the decision just so I know.
This is kind of like what you see on a human decision, but i would expect something like this:

{{age}}(21) > 18 → ‘Age is correct’ :heavy_check_mark: → ‘Path Taken’
{{name}}(‘Alice’) == ‘Bob’ → ‘Name is correct’ :x:
{{age}}(21) > 18 && {{name}}(‘Alice’) == ‘Bob’ → ‘He is our man’ :x:
→ ‘Not our man’ :x:

but even then, what would happen if {{age}} was 21 AND {{name}} was ‘Bob’? What path would take?

I’ve often wondered the same thing, let me see if that is something we can do.