Applying vulnerability filters to Document reports

Is there a way in which we can apply vulnerability filters to document reports? I have noted that when creating an export report, I can create vulnerability filters (e.g. Windows vulns, Critical vulns only).

An example is the default ‘High risk vulnerabilities’ report. Whilst useful, it would be great if I could have the same report but only focussed on Windows vulns.

I want to be able to make some of this information available to the patching teams and rather than give them a .csv, it would be nice if I could simply generate a nice .pdf straight from R7.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @james_hamill,

Depending on the template selected, vulnerability filtering options may or may not be available. I believe this is due to the type query being run by the template and the data aggregation being provided. Other built-in templates should have the option to use vulnerability filters.

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Hi @tyler_schmidtke thanks for the response. I later realised this having spent some more time reviewing the available options.

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