API for Insight Conneect

Is there an API for insight connect which I can use to say

  • Update the workflows
  • Get workflows with a certain tag
  • Update global artefacts

Just to be clear, I am not looking for the API plugin. I am looking for an API to interact with InsightConnect.

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It’s on the way…like very soon on the way. We’re working on the documentation now. We will follow up here when we have more to share.

Will there also be a webhook for activities performed?

For webhook type functionality you can use the API trigger.

Hey @khinar_thukral, thanks for the questions. The API trigger is used to receive webhook events. If you would like to send data out in a workflow you can use the HTTP Requests plugin to accomplish that.

Regarding the API documentation from above, we don’t have APIs available yet for all of those but we will be releasing API documentation soon for what we have today, and we will be adding more over time.

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+1 on the webhook angle… I know we could implement curl as part of the workflow… but if the workflow is failing because of the orchestrator, a webhook where we can receive notifications of job starts/failures (where the caller is insight cloud vs the orchestrator) would add a ton of reliability to all workflows
Potential payloads:
-heartbeat (insight cloud is up)
-job start
-job fail

We released the API documentation today at InsightConnect REST API | InsightConnect Documentation

We will be adding and prioritizing more API’s over time so don’t hesitate to make requests.


Ermagerd!!! I love the API to upload a new custom plugin!!! Is there a plan to extend the icon-plugin tooling to support it?

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No, there are no plans to build this into icon plugin tool…but that’s a really interesting idea. We’ll look into it. It would be slick to do validation and upload all in one shot.

Thanks for the feedback.