Agent differentiate between desktop and laptop

Anyone have an idea how we identify if an agent is running on a laptop? Our implementation engineer seemed stumped and never got back to us

Just for more background: What would you do with that information in IVM?

Knowing the OS, the installed Software as well as the Drivers I see no benefit of differentiating in IVM between workstations and laptops/tablets. In our environment, we name the assets to reflect the fact they are workstations or laptops/tablets, how is your naming convention because I guess you’d need that information for other systems as well?

We don’t differentiate laptops from desktops in name. Desktops are always on, laptops are only on during work hours. We are 90% workstations so we let our scans run after hours but need to run a scan during the day on the laptops while they are online.

These are pretty rudimentary things that an agent can pull, it just seems the r7 agent returns as little information as possible about the asset. Honestly this is the first product of this type that doesn’t return information like this for asset grouping.

One way to achieve this would be to use a configuration management system (like SCCM) push different custom tag (Agent Attributes for InsightVM | Insight Agent Documentation) based on the device type. You can then use the custom tag to create dynamic asset groups.

That is granted you deployed the InsightVM agent.